Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fall Down

This is how my feeling now,

So Much Down much Deep.



i want to see the bottom ..


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas tree

I would like to go

to somewhere, where i can be

Alone, just sitting next to pine tree.

look at it..!

It is cold, small, need love and feeling warm..

She needs someone to take care of her..

i am going to there ..


Monday, December 25, 2006



Thursday, December 21, 2006


I Love chocolate so much :) SO MUCH
Indeed ..
Just simply I felt so desire of chocolate today,
And I am thinking to go and eat Ice-cream chocolate!
What you think?
Mmmm I am so anxious to taste it !!
Hahah as like I have never eaten it !!

You are invited to join me :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Step by step

We should build the future,

but this can not be in one day,

or one week,

or one moth,

one one year,

it need the whole life,

and each step you can build,

it makes you able to be closer to your goals,

but make sure not to put minimum goals,

they must be Maximum.

in order to not reach them in your live and keep always working for that goals.


Step by Step

Sunday, December 10, 2006


This tough world which no life only for the stronger,

there are still moments in our live they compel to stop!

What ever we were strong or even pretend to be strong,

that moments compel us not because Our humanity 'Appears" suddenly without any previous, because if we have a little bit of it that moments would be occur in our life.

No, that moment compel us to stop on it because we can not just pass it-always there are exception-.
You are seeing poor people asking money in street-no matter this is being a daily picture of our cities nowadays- but when we see in the corner 7 years old girl asking money and her teardrops stream without stop, WE STOP- some does not,this is the exception!

When you are in a moving by bus, a 8 years child jab you shamefully and and asking you to give him extra money for be able to pay for bus-driver!

What We Call This World We Are Living In?



Well Done!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


No One Can Help Me,
Except Myself.
Do Not Trust Only In Yourself.
The Worst Can Happened Is When You ...
... Just Be Disappointing Of Someone You Love..
Nothing Worse..noting ..nothing nothing ..

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Do you remember when I was wondering long time ago about two trees!
They were far away from each other and I was asking could they be together one day!
Well there is no certain answer for that question, but always there is possibility for that.
Now I can say yes, there is a possible for them to be together, even with all difficulties and obstacles.
Even against the nature's laws.
Well I never believe in them because you will be surprise of how these laws are being inconsiderable in front of our volition and our feeling.
Well here, you can see the picture is not green and shining like before but I think that is normal, you cannot get everything easy right.
Life is always hard and this picture tells us how we must give for reach our goals, the proof for things is by their ends, right?
The intent will be in the end when the land will be green and shining and give life again.
Dependence of that I have no doubt that trees can be closer even with all.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Far away

Look to over there !

see the sky ...No ,

see what is after that ,

farther than what your eyes can see,

yes, you can see many things,

it is spiritual place,

place we can not just think about it,

we have to work for it,

To reach that place ,

What a peaceful place..


Friday, November 24, 2006


If we can not Laugh,
we can Smile..
If we can not Smile,
we can Hope..
If we can not Hope,
we can Live..
If we can not Live,
we can NOT Die.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

10th European Film Festival

For the 10th year successively the European Film Festival,

started in Aden from 22/11/2006 to 1/12/2006 after Sanaa and next it will be in Taiz.

Yesterday the opening Film was from Germany (Der Untergang) The Downfall,and i think many people hear about this movie and about the racket it had been about this movie ,and it is until now.

It is a moive give us a human look for the last days of Hitler's Life -with (full) reservation about what humanity means- and the look for him like never before ,with all failing and severity .

In general it is good movie and deserve to spend 2:30 hours of watching it ,and it is still good with it's idea and with the movie itself with all details inside it which they make you laugh for a second and then you are being thinking Why Did I Laugh !

It is V.G movie of many sides .

Here we can see the schedule of the movies which will be shown in Aden :

22/11 Germany –der Untergang- The downfall ,149 Minutes ,Produced 2005
23/11 Czech –Samotari- Loners ,104 m ,P:2003
24/11 France –Etre et avoir- To be and to have ,97 m ,P:2003
25/11 Italy –II Postino- The Post man ,108 m ,P:1994
26/11 Netherlands –SHOUF SHOUF HABIBI – SHOUF SHOUF HABIBI ,89 m ,P:2004
27/11 Poland –Vabnik- Vabnik ,108 m ,P:1981
28/11 Spain –Mar adentro- The sea inside ,125 m ,P:2004
29/11 Turkey –Uzak- Distant ,110 m ,P:2002
30/11 UK The Constant Gardener ,129 m ,P:2005

1/12 Belgium –Hop- Hop ,104 m ,P:2003

In addition to that there is an exhibition " A Century of European Cinema" .

It is on display throughout the duration of the festival in the foyer of all the venues in Sana'a ,Aden and Taiz too.

Each participant presents the main epochs ,films ,directors ,or actors of the last century of their national cinema.

Cinematography itself is around 100 year old ,and has always a good mirror of society.

All the movies are being shown in Aden inside German Consulate ,Khor Maksar.

All movies start at 20:00 and the admission is free.

The Festival wants to offer a look onto the world of cinema as an art from leaps effortlessly from culture to culture ,since it directly touches our senses and moods.

Pictures and music translate easily ,and prove -together with the many languages you will hear- the richness of European diversity.

In the end i think this is a good opportunity for us to see another side of cinema ,considering that the ruling cinema here is from Hollywood and now we can see the European cinema with all it has of deep-rootedness and high sense of taste.

This kind of festivals is good because it make the cultures know each other and it is make us understand each other better, and make us prove that what Hitler said is wrong because

Life is richest with our differences and life is for all people with all their difference ,it is giving and taking ,it is Sharing.

Not for the Stronger like Hitler said.

And Always The Hope come from the uterus of the Tragedy.

Friday, November 17, 2006


This a Wonderful view for a Mosque,

it is very nice

and wonderful ,you can see the sun shine, shining Like a Magic light ...

the view is wonderful..imagine yourself inside over there !

the second Picture is for

Prophet Mohammed Mosque in Madina

it is wonderful and Spiral Mosque

and here

you see the place where Imam
stand up and Speak to People
See how beautiful it is !

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


What is birthday mean for Us ?
Gifts ?
Happiness ?
Laugh ?
Party ?
in general doing things we like to do for enjoy?
well in my Poor Opinion My Birthday must have one characteristic which is :
My Birthday must be Special and not like all the other days,
~Return~ what Special Means for each one
and i believe that Special Day does not mean Party and gifts and that ,but it can be something
More exclusive...
that is what i think .

Monday, November 13, 2006


that boat
this is life...
today is today and tomorrow
and no live only for who has power

Saturday, November 11, 2006


looking for this world ...
Do Good ,Get Bad.
this is my Proverb..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


This view...
Has a lot of feeling ...
maybe i am the only one who is feeling this ...i do not know .
maybe many..
maybe different feeling...
but always There is feeling .

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Look at them ...
So happy together...

Sunday, November 05, 2006


This~Terrorist ~ come form the Baby of USA which lives in middle east,
this Baby which will Never Grow up and stop its Terrorist ,and all that and the world is being watching !!
in Just 6 Days more than 60 people were killed by Israel's war machine !!!
There is a tragedy is being happening there and NO ONE even talk !!
Stop asking why Terrorist being Grow up ,
ad answer me:
What did you do for these Scared Children and these Bereaved Women !!!
Were where you Today when you will ask after 10 or 20 years ,
Why This is happening ?!!
Go to Palestine and See what is happening in Gaza then you will not need to ask or even have answer ,because answers come to you form each Centimeter Square form of Gaza .


Look how beautiful swan is ...
yes i am sue it is wonderful or would not they make an show in US with that name ~the Swan ~
It is SO Beautiful Swan right ?
and This Life can be So Beautiful too !!
Yes it can be even more beautiful than Swan ,How?
It can be When we have Swan in our Life :)
hahahaha Swan in our Life can mean many things ..for me it is .....

What a wonderful Life :) i have swan in my life too :))
~Extremely Happy~

Thursday, November 02, 2006


i do not want anything ..
nothing at all
...all thing is nothing ...
just ....

Tuesday, October 31, 2006





Monday, October 30, 2006


What a rainbow :)
well for me ,before days i was close to be rainbow !
it is when someone have so shy situation ...well i was so so close to had that ;)
but all was Good nothing happened ,but all time
i am thinking how much close i was to that :))
i am not keeping LoL
just i want to tell the one who knows about what happened :
You Imagination is ....
bye for all :)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Our Space.

It is so special place is not it ?
. . .

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Help me !

it is so few times like this situation can happen to anyone ...
when you are ,in very strange situation,
-with all what strange word means..-
and then you find yourself like you wish that you were no one in this world..
because you was holding all that Strange situation all time then you find your self in front of ...
something ...... this thing BREAK all your ability of endurance .
this is the feeling where i find myself now ...
and whatever was that thing which makes me fall down ,i find myself unable to prevent it because it is not in my hand anymore and it was not in my hand anytime ago Because i was in SO STRANGE SITUATION ...
am i needing help?
no i think i need to be ....
i do not know what i need to be ...
all what i need is to be ~no one in this world~.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Thinking ...

Let us Stop One moment ....
Just moment to see how small is this all thing will be nothing in our eyes...
all will be Dark or Light ....think of the moment of the Death ...
it is the moment we Face the truth ...
we face the Harvest of what we did in our life ....
....... think think and 1000 think .....
We have to be ready for that moment ......
Thanks GOD .

My Home

these pictures are from my home town it calls Yafa
as you see the place is so beautiful and So Fabulous ,well for me :)
in this time of the year it is so nice and green because it's rain all days...
and the land is full of plants and Trees :))

and this one is from from place calls Yher :)
and this one is from Yher too ....look how Magical is the view ...
this one is for see the places where people Plant many kind of food..
this one is so nice ..see how beautiful is the place ... :))

Sunday, October 01, 2006


what i can do for who makes me so happy like this !!
tell me People what i can DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Pope’s Holy War

A Pope’s Holy War
By quoting a 14th-century Christian emperor on an ‘evil and inhuman’ Islam, Benedict XVI ignites a global storm. What was he thinking?

By Jon Meacham
Sept. 25, 2006 issue - The setting was familiar, the occasion, the speaker thought, fitting. At three in the afternoon last Tuesday, after a quick ride from lunch in the Popemobile, Benedict XVI began a lecture in the Aula Magna of the University of Regensburg in Germany. As Joseph Ratzinger, the pope spent much of his life in the country’s academic milieu; as he spoke to a gathering of scientists in the hall, he reminisced about his teaching days at the University of Bonn. “There was a lively exchange with historians, philosophers, philologists ...” Benedict said early in an address on faith and reason. Citing a conversation between a 14th-century Christian Byzantine emperor and an Islamic Persian, Benedict quoted Manuel II: “‘Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.’”
Within days Benedict found the globe engaged in a “lively exchange,” but it was not, one suspects, the exchange the pope had in mind. The Pakistani parliament voted to condemn him; the leading Shiite cleric in Lebanon asked for a personal apology. “He is going down in history in the same category as leaders such as Hitler and Mussolini,” said Salih Kapusuz, the deputy head of Turkey’s governing party, and officials there suggested the pope should reconsider a trip planned for November.
The Vatican soon issued a grandly titled “Declaration Concerning Pope’s Regensburg Address.” “It was certainly not the intention of the Holy Father to undertake a comprehensive study of the jihad and of Muslim ideas on the subject, still less to offend the sensibilities of the Muslim faithful,” said papal spokesman Federico Lombardi. If the goal, in Lombardi’s words, had been to articulate “a clear and radical rejection of the religious motivation for violence,” then Benedict failed.
The pope’s intentions in discussing “holy war” were presumably good—he approvingly quoted an early Qu’ranic “surah” (chapter), which says “there is no compulsion in religion”—and he was right to raise the issue of how to confront and combat the religious extremism that gives rise to terror and violence. Sadly, though, he did so clumsily and obliquely, and, far from opening a constructive conversation, instead exacerbated tensions between Christianity and Islam. The episode also marks the first widely noted break with the spirit of the papacy of Benedict’s beloved predecessor. A reassuring pastor, John Paul II was the first pope to visit a mosque (in Damascus, Syria, in 2000), and he managed to project an air of ecumenicism while holding fast to the fundamentals of faith and doctrine. “This is clearly not John Paul II,” says R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. “It’s a very different direction for the papacy, and reflects Benedict XVI’s worries about secularism, Islam and a declining Christian vigor in Europe.”
Much of the Regensburg address was a meditation on faith and reason, the roots of religiously inspired violence and the need for believers to see God as a figure of love. Roughly put, his argument was this: to Benedict, Islam’s conception of God so stresses God’s will that God can be understood to command the irrational.
For the pope, the Christian encounter with the classical world married faith and reason and thereby precluded, in principle, such misunderstandings of the nature of the God of Abraham, a nature that is, according to this argument, rooted in love and reason, not the will to dominance. Seen in such a light, “jihad,” which means “struggle,” can too easily be taken literally (as a call to violence against others) rather than figuratively (as many Muslim scholars argue it should be).
In the stormy aftermath of the address—on Saturday two churches in the West Bank were bombed—the Vatican argued that the real point of the lecture was to be found in this sentence: “A reason which is deaf to the divine and which relegates religion into the realm of subcultures,” Benedict said, “is incapable of entering into the dialogue of cultures.” In a post-Regensburg statement, Paul Cardinal Poupard, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, said, “Readers will find that this central theme is far more important than the introductory citation of the Emperor Manuel II ...”
Then why did Benedict quote the emperor in the first place? The most likely answer is that, no matter what the Vatican says now, the pope believes in having what the Catholic theologian and papal biographer George Weigel calls “a hard-headed conversation” about the role of faith in the life of the world. “He knew exactly what he was doing,” says Weigel. “He is saying that irrational violence is displeasing to God. The question Benedict is putting on the table is: ‘Does a significant part of Islam have the capacity to be self-critical?’ ”
Finding a way for the children of Abraham to live together in something approaching peace a perennial challenge, and Benedict understands that. “We must seek paths of reconciliation and learn to live with respect for each other’s identity,” he told a Muslim audience in Cologne last year. There was no such language at Regensburg. He did say Manuel II’s words were “startlingly brusque,” and made certain the audience understood he was reading a quotation, but the pope must have known his words would carry. And by speaking of jihad without alluding to Christianity’s dark history of violence in the name of God—the Crusades, forced conversions, pogroms, the Inquisition—Benedict seemed to be denouncing Islam while failing to acknowledge that any religion, including his own, can be manipulated and perverted to evil ends. “It is very hard to construe the pope’s remarks in a benign way,” says William A. Graham, the dean of the Harvard Divinity School. “Historically, there is no more basis for arguing that Islam is irrational than there is for arguing the same about Christianity or Judaism. In all three you can find tremendous discussion about revelation and reason, and there are people in all three who have landed outside the rational. Islam has bloody borders right now, but Christianity has certainly been bloody, as has Judaism in its more extreme forms.”
Two years before he became pope, Benedict published a book entitled “Truth and Tolerance,” in which he wrote that “religion demands the making of distinctions, distinctions between different forms of religion and distinctions within a religion itself, so as to find the way to its higher points.” One of the pities of Regensburg is that he made no such distinctions about Islam.
Is the ideology of hate that fuels Al Qaeda and its fellow travelers evil? Yes, it is, and too few Muslim leaders have spoken out against it in compelling and memorable terms. An Islamic reformation in which the young are educated to understand faith through critical thinking would, one hopes, push the forces of violence ever farther to the margins. History offers some consolation. “Islam spread far more thoroughly by proselytizing than by the sword,” says Graham. And the tradition most ruthlessly excluded in the first few centuries of the faith was one devoted to extreme violence, the Kharijites.
Going forward, the pope could usefully consult the words of another powerful Christian leader: And given that Islam and Christianity worship the one God, Creator of heaven and earth, there is ample room for agreement and cooperation between them,” the leader said three months after September 11. “A clash ensues only when Islam or Christianity is misconstrued or manipulated for political or ideological ends.” The leader??
John Paul II.

من خلال اقتباسه كلام إمبراطور مسيحي من القرن الـ 14 حول إسلام »شرير وغير إنساني«، أثار بنديكتوس السادس عشر عاصفة عالمية. ماذا دهاه؟

حرب البابا المقدسة

كتب: جون ميشام

كان المشهد مألوفا والمناسبة مواتية، كما ظن الخطيب. في الساعة الثالثة من بعد ظهر يوم الثلاثاء الماضي، بعد جولة سريعة في السيارة البابوية عقب الغداء، بدأ بنديكتوس السادس عشر بإلقاء محاضرة في صالة ماغنا في جامعة ريغنسبورغ في ألمانيا. وكان جوزف راتسينغر، قبل أن يصبح بابا، قد أمضى الكثير من وقته في الوسط الأكاديمي في هذا البلد. وفي خطابه أمام حشد من العلماء في القاعة، راح يتذكر الأيام التي كان فيها أستاذا في جامعة بون. وقال البابا بنديكتوس في بداية خطابه عن الإيمان والعقل: "كان الجدال حادا مع المؤرخين والفلاسفة وعلماء فقه اللغة التاريخي..." ثم استشهد بحوار بين إمبراطور بيزنطي مسيحي من القرن الـ14 ومسلم فارسي، وقال بنديكتوس مقتبسا كلام مانويل الثاني: »أظهر لي ما الجديد الذي أتى به محمد، وسترى فيها فقط ما هو شرير وغير إنساني، مثل دعوته إلى نشر دينه بالسيف«".
في غضون أيام، وجد بنديكتوس العالم منشغلا في "جدال حاد"، لكنه لم يكن الجدال المنشود من قبل البابا. فقد صوت البرلمان الباكستاني على إدانته» وطالب المرجع الشيعي الأعلى في لبنان باعتذار شخصي. وقال صالح كابوسوز، نائب رئيس الحزب الحاكم في تركيا إن البابا "سيضعه التاريخ في الخانة نفسها مع قادة مثل هتلر وموسوليني"، واقترح المسؤولون هناك أن يعيد البابا النظر في رحلته إلى تركيا التي كانت مقررة في شهر نوفمبر.
وسرعان ما أصدر الفاتيكان بيانا يحمل العنوان البليغ »إعلان بشأن خطاب البابا في ريغنسبورغ«، قال فيه الناطق باسم البابا فيديريكو لومباردي: "لم يكن في نية الحبر الأعظم القيام بدراسة معمقة عن الجهاد والأفكار الإسلامية في هذا المجال، ولم تكن نيته إهانة المؤمنين المسلمين". فإن كان الهدف، التعبير عن "رفض واضح وجذري للدوافع الدينية وراء العنف" على حد كلام لومباردي، فإن بنديكتوس قد فشل.
كانت نوايا البابا من خلال تطرقه إلى "الحرب المقدسة" طيبة على الأرجح ــ لقد اقتبس آية قرآنية، تقول: "لا إكراه في الدين" ــئ؟ وكان محقا في إثارة كيفية مواجهة التطرف الديني الذي يؤدي إلى الإرهاب والعنف. لكن للأسف، فعل ذلك بطريقة خرقاء وغير مباشرة، وبدلا من فتح نقاش بناء، زاد من حدة التوتر بين المسيحية والإسلام. هذه الحادثة تشكل أول اختلاف ملحوظ مع سياسة سلفه المحبوب. فقد كان يوحنا بولص الثاني راعيا مطمئنا وكان أول بابا يزور مسجدا (في دمشق، بسوريا، عام 2000)، ونجح في نشر جو يحبذ التعاون بين الأديان من دون أن يتخلى عن أسس الإيمان والعقيدة. يقول آر آلبرت مولر جونيور، رئيس معهد اللاهوت المعمداني الجنوبي في لويفيل بولاية كنتاكي: "من الواضح أنه ليس كيوحنا بولص الثاني. البابوية تسلك منحى مختلفا جدا وتعكس قلق بنديكتوس السادس عشر بشأن العلمانية والإسلام وتراجع المسيحية في أوروبا".
وكان الكثير مما جاء في خطاب ريغنسبورغ تأملا حول الإيمان والعقل، وجذور العنف المستوحى من الدين، وضرورة أن يرى المؤمنون الله مثالا للمحبة. بعبارات مبسطة: بالنسبة إلى بنديكتوس، فإن نظرة الإسلام تشدد كثيرا على إرادة الله لدرجة أنه يبدو للبعض أن الأفعال غير العقلانية هي مشيئة الله. وبالنسبة إلى البابا، فإن احتكاك المسيحية بالنهضة التاريخية جمع بين الإيمان والعقل، وبالتالي حال مبدئيا دون إساءة فهم طبيعة الله، التي هي، وبحسب رأيه، مبنية على المحبة والعقل وليس على الرغبة في السيطرة. في ضوء ذلك، يمكن لمفهوم "الجهاد" أن يؤخذ حرفيا بسهولة (كدعوة إلى العنف ضد الآخرين) وليس بالمعنى المجازي (كما يرى الكثير من العلماء المسلمين أنه يجب أن يؤخذ).
وفي الأعقاب العاصفة لخطاب البابا ــ يوم السبت ألقيت متفجرات على كنيستين في الضفة الغربية ــ جادل الفاتيكان بأن المغزى الفعلي للمحاضرة يكمن في هذه الجملة: "المنطق الذي لا يصغي إلى تعاليم الله ويقسم الدين إلى ثقافات فرعية غير قادر على المشاركة في حوار الحضارات"، كما قال بنديكتوس. وفي بيان جاء بعد خطاب ريغنسبورغ، قال الكاردينال بول بوبارد، رئيس المجمع البابوي للحوار بين الأديان: "سيجد القراء أن هذه النقطة الأساسية أهم بكثير من الاقتباس عن الإمبراطور مانويل الثاني..."
إذن لماذا اقتبس بنديكتوس كلام الإمبراطور أصلا؟ الجواب على الأرجح هو أنه مهما قال الفاتيكان الآن، فإن البابا يود إقامة ما يسميه عالم اللاهوت الكاثوليكي وكاتب سيرة البابوات جورج ويغل "حوارا قاسيا" عن دور الإيمان في العالم. يقول ويغل: "كان يعرف تماما ما يفعله. إنه يقول إن العنف غير العقلاني يسيء إلى الله. والسؤال الذي يطرحه بنديكتوس: »هل تستطيع شريحة كبيرة من المسلمين القيام بنقد ذاتي؟«".
إن إيجاد طريقة لكي يتعايش أبناء إبراهيم فيما يشبه السلام يشكل تحديا دائما، وبنديكتوس يفهم ذلك. وقد قال لجمهور من المسلمين في كولونيا السنة الماضية: "علينا أن نسعى لإيجاد سبل تصالح وأن نتعلم احترام هوية الآخر". لكن لهجته كانت مختلفة في ريغنسبورغ. فقد قال إن كلام مانويل الثاني "فظ جدا"، وحرص على أن يفهم الجمهور أنه يقرأ اقتباسا، لكن لا بد أن البابا كان يعلم أن كلماته سيكون لها تأثير. ومن خلال كلامه عن الجهاد من دون التلميح إلى تاريخ المسيحية المليء بالعنف باسم الله ــ الحروب الصليبية، وإكراه الناس على اعتناق المسيحية، والمذابح، ومحاكم التفتيش ــ بدا أن بنديكتوس يشجب الإسلام من دون أن يقر بأن أية ديانة، بما فيها ديانته، يمكن تحويرها لأغراض شريرة. يقول ويليام أيه غراهام، عميد كلية اللاهوت في هارفارد: "من الصعب جدا تفسير كلام البابا بطريقة غير مسيئة. فتاريخيا، ليس هناك أسس للجدال بأن المسيحية واليهودية أكثر عقلانية من الإسلام. وفي الأديان الثلاثة، نجد جدالا كبيرا حول الوحي والعقلانية، وهناك أشخاص في الديانات الثلاث تخطوا نطاق العقلانية. هوامش الإسلام دامية الآن، لكن من المؤكد أن المسيحية كانت دامية، وكذلك اليهودية في أشكالها الأكثر تطرفا".
قبل سنتين من اعتلائه الكرسي البابوي، نشر بنديكتوس كتابا بعنوان Truth and Tolerance (الحقيقة والتسامح) كتب فيه أن "الدين يفرض علينا أن نميز بين مختلف أشكال الدين، وداخل الدين الواحد، لنجد أسمى ما فيه". ومن الأمور المؤسفة في خطابه في ريغنسبورغ أنه لم يتطرق إلى هذا التمييز فيما يتعلق بالإسلام.
هل إيديولوجية الكراهية التي تغذي تنظيم القاعدة والحركات المماثلة له شريرة؟ نعم، إنها كذلك، وقلة من القادة المسلمين شجبوها بعبارات مقنعة وبارزة. ومن شأن إصلاح إسلامي، حيث يتم تثقيف الشبان لفهم الإيمان من خلال التفكير الانتقادي، أن يهمش قوى العنف. والتاريخ يقدم بعض العزاء. يقول غراهام: "لقد انتشر الإسلام من خلال الارتداد عن ديانات أخرى أكثر منه عن طريق السيف". والطائفة الإسلامية التي نبذها الكثيرون في القرون الأولى هي التي كانت تكرس نفسها للعنف الشديد، أي طائفة الخوارج.
في المستقبل، قد يستفيد البابا من كلمات قائد مسيحي كبير آخر: "بما أن الإسلام والمسيحية يعبدان الإله الواحد، خالق السماء والأرض، فالمجال كبير للتوافق والتعاون بينهما. والصدام يحصل فقط عندما يساء فهم الإسلام أو المسيحية أو عندما يتم استغلالهما لأغراض سياسية أو إيديولوجية"، كما قال هذا القائد بعد مرور ثلاثة أشهر على هجمات 11 سبتمبر. فمن كان هذا القائد؟ إنه يوحنا بولص الثاني.

بمشاركة إدوارد بنتين في روما

تاريخ النشر: الثلاثاء 26/9/2006

Queted from Newsweek Magazine.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

How Bad?

How much BAD when you are doing silly and stupid things ,because Dis-understanding...

...worse than bleeding.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

why suffering?!

Why we have to suffer ??
why do not we be happy?
why can not all people be happy?

well all that just dream ...Huge Dream much Huge.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


How life is strange...
how our feeling can be is strange...
we can not even tell our self how is it
we can not even describe it to ourselves..

i am feeling ... like every thing is part of me do not ask because i do not know what i am doing here ???

Monday, September 04, 2006


Look to see how our governments treat ,in fact threat, their people ...!!
it is to let people know what kind of governments we have in Arab world, the picture from Egypt.
انها صرخه لضمير الحكام ,صرخه للعالم ... ولسان حالنا يقول
باي ذنب قتلت؟ باي ذنب اعاقب؟
باي حق اعامل هكذا وقد ولدتنا امهاتنا احرارا؟؟
من انتم لتاخذوا حقنا بالحياه الكريمه؟؟

Friday, September 01, 2006


The Values of things can be so Expensive ,but the Values of our Life and Our feeling can be more Expensive ,so much.
I want to tell someone...
Life is cheap without you ,
Life is almost nothing without you.
Life without you Is Empty,!
You are So Precious For Me,
All The World Money Can Never Be Equal With even One Minute With you ,,,
Thank You ...

Why Not?!

Will these Two Trees can be together someday ?
Why they are so far of each other?
Why they are not together?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Why we are continuing
our life like this?

why we can not make a decision and can change our life forever?
why do not we do what we
want or just die?
why this life for if we can not
have what we want? is big .in the same it is small,

Friday, August 25, 2006


Why Our Life Should Be Hard Like This?
Why We Can Not Be What We Want?
Why We Can Not Be Happy?
Why We Can Not Get What We Want?
Life Needs To Fight To Have
What You Want,Right?
But What About Something
We Can Not Even Touch It ,But We Need It So Much...?!!
... ... ...

Monday, August 14, 2006



Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This Good Feeling!!

This Good Feeling!!
Today it could runs like all other days, but why it could be different?!!
That is the important things we should make every day different of the last day!!
How is that?
Well i try to finish my day with feeling says(well done)you did what you were have to.
But that is not working all time almost never work, strange so what i am doing here???
In fact -well in my opinion-the good days we do not make them but they come to us ,we can not make our days perfect...but we have to take all good chance we touch.
this day i was feeling good until afternoon, after that the results of my class comes not as like i hope, i got upset, but then i opened my e-mail.
There was message from someone i was waiting her message.
Well that is makes me feel good, although every things is not so...
that is was my look for the things!!
Who has different look for that-sure there is-he can tell me about.
I'd love to .

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Today i will show you some amazing photos,
they are effect me every time i see them,
they make me feel strange .
I will add photos in the future .
Any thing amazing i will share it with you.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Hello !!
Welcome to my own space...
It is just space for me to write about things influence my life, in fact it can happen to me any time any where...just normal live..
well first i should write something about my self...well like profile.

  • From Aden/ South Yemen
  • Student
  • Male