Thursday, November 23, 2006

10th European Film Festival

For the 10th year successively the European Film Festival,

started in Aden from 22/11/2006 to 1/12/2006 after Sanaa and next it will be in Taiz.

Yesterday the opening Film was from Germany (Der Untergang) The Downfall,and i think many people hear about this movie and about the racket it had been about this movie ,and it is until now.

It is a moive give us a human look for the last days of Hitler's Life -with (full) reservation about what humanity means- and the look for him like never before ,with all failing and severity .

In general it is good movie and deserve to spend 2:30 hours of watching it ,and it is still good with it's idea and with the movie itself with all details inside it which they make you laugh for a second and then you are being thinking Why Did I Laugh !

It is V.G movie of many sides .

Here we can see the schedule of the movies which will be shown in Aden :

22/11 Germany –der Untergang- The downfall ,149 Minutes ,Produced 2005
23/11 Czech –Samotari- Loners ,104 m ,P:2003
24/11 France –Etre et avoir- To be and to have ,97 m ,P:2003
25/11 Italy –II Postino- The Post man ,108 m ,P:1994
26/11 Netherlands –SHOUF SHOUF HABIBI – SHOUF SHOUF HABIBI ,89 m ,P:2004
27/11 Poland –Vabnik- Vabnik ,108 m ,P:1981
28/11 Spain –Mar adentro- The sea inside ,125 m ,P:2004
29/11 Turkey –Uzak- Distant ,110 m ,P:2002
30/11 UK The Constant Gardener ,129 m ,P:2005

1/12 Belgium –Hop- Hop ,104 m ,P:2003

In addition to that there is an exhibition " A Century of European Cinema" .

It is on display throughout the duration of the festival in the foyer of all the venues in Sana'a ,Aden and Taiz too.

Each participant presents the main epochs ,films ,directors ,or actors of the last century of their national cinema.

Cinematography itself is around 100 year old ,and has always a good mirror of society.

All the movies are being shown in Aden inside German Consulate ,Khor Maksar.

All movies start at 20:00 and the admission is free.

The Festival wants to offer a look onto the world of cinema as an art from leaps effortlessly from culture to culture ,since it directly touches our senses and moods.

Pictures and music translate easily ,and prove -together with the many languages you will hear- the richness of European diversity.

In the end i think this is a good opportunity for us to see another side of cinema ,considering that the ruling cinema here is from Hollywood and now we can see the European cinema with all it has of deep-rootedness and high sense of taste.

This kind of festivals is good because it make the cultures know each other and it is make us understand each other better, and make us prove that what Hitler said is wrong because

Life is richest with our differences and life is for all people with all their difference ,it is giving and taking ,it is Sharing.

Not for the Stronger like Hitler said.

And Always The Hope come from the uterus of the Tragedy.

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