Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Best Ever

This one of my BEST days in my whole life,

I am so happy indeed, truely it was so full of happiness and Love.


I just want to say:

Thank You;

You are the most Lovely person I have ever meet in my life.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Here are some pictures i found and i likes them, because they are...well ...each one has a story!!

A man poses with Meike van Schijndel's creation "Kisses Urinal" during a photo opportunity at Tokyo Designer's Week 2007 in Tokyo November 1, 2007.

Isabel II Romero sits in her home during floods in Bocas de San Antonio, Colombia, October 31, 2007.

An aerial view shows a flood-affected area of Villahermosa, Mexico, November 3, 2007.

Eric Breteau, the head of the French charity Zoe's Ark (2nd L) is seen with unidentified members of his team after being taken into custody by Chadian authorities in this handout picture taken in Abeche October 26, 2007.

Some of the 103 children due to fly to France are seen at an orphanage where the children are being cared for by local and international aid workers in Abeche, October 27, 2007.

An archaeological worker looks at the mummy of King Tutankhamun as it is being removed from his stone sarcophagus in his underground tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, November 4, 2007.

Runners cross the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge after the start of the 2007 ING New York City Marathon in New York November 4, 2007.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Palestine will be always in our hearts,
History will never DELETE this period of Time we are living with one of the most Horrible colonial during history and one of the worse pictures it.

They fired a millions of people from their Land and they are putting other millions also under their apartheid colonial and even in Israel itself there is apartheid system separate all Jewish form the original Arab whom they were no fired and killed when this cancer country appeared to the existence..
Palestine is under a disaster since the day Israel came to prove by gun and blood that they are stronger than any law in this world.

when i listened to this girl first time i was shaking so much NEVER in swear Never i felt shaking like this time,,, every time i am hearing her i feel like all my existence is being STOOPED for her,, i can not explain !!
i do not know to which language it had been translated!

I will translate the poetry into English for you be able to understand what she is saying ok :)
so each tent in arabic and english:
"Palestine "

ِفلسطينِ، انا اسمي فلسطين
"Palestine", my name is "Palestine"

نقشت إسمي على كل الميادينِ
I sculptured my names on all fields

بخط بارزاً يسمو على كل العناوينِ
By a prominent line transcends all addresses

حروف إسمي تلاحقني تعايشني تغذيني
My name's letters; follow me, live me, feed me

تبث النار في روحي وتنبض في شراييني
Scatter the fire in my soul and pulses in my veins

جبال النهر تعرفني مغاورها وتدريني
River's mountains caves knows me and flow me

بذلت الطاقة الكبرى وقلت لامتي كوني
I gave the great energy, and I said to my nation to be

صلاح الدين في اعماق اعماقي يناديني
"Salahuddin" in my deepest depths calling me *

وكل عروبتي للثار للتحرير تدعوني
And all my Arabism for revenge for the liberation is calling me

ورايات التي طويت على ربوات حطينِ
And flags, which were wrapped upon the knolls of "Hattin" *

وصوت مؤذن الاقصى يهيب بنا اغيثوني
And the voice of "Aqsa" muezzincalls upon us: Help us **

وألاف من الاسرى وألاف المساجينِ
And thousands of internees and thousands of prisoners

تنادي الامة الكبرى وتهتف بالملايينِ
ARE calling the nation's major and shout to millions

تقول لهم الى القدس يا قبلة الدينِ
Saying them to "Jerusalem", O religion's kiblah ***

إلى حرب تدك الظلم تزهق روح صهيونِ
For a war destroys the injustice and kills the spirit of "Zion"****
إلى حرب تدك الظلم تزهق روح صهيونِ
For a War destroys the injustice and kills the spirit of "Zion"

وترفع في سماء الكون اعلام فلسطينِ
And rising in the universe's sky the "Palestinian" flags

:وتهدر كلمتي تمضي
And my word growls:

فلسطينِ فلسطينِ فلسطينِ
Palestine, Palestine, Palestine

*Hattin is name of area were Salahulddin won against the crusaders many centuries ago in Palestine.
**+***Aqsa is name of Mosque exist in Jerusalem which is so important for Muslims, and before we start praying to kiblah in Mecca we were praying to Aqsa.
Kiblah means place where we pray to.
Muezzin is name of person calling for pray in mosques.
****Zion means the Zionism which is behind the existing of israel in Palestine land and behind of all disasters happened and happening for millions of Palestinian people :(