Wednesday, June 08, 2011



I don't wanna Cry
I just wanna Fly

day after Day
that isn't Why

one night & no moon in the Sky
truth came without a Spy

speaking to the Sky
She replies with a Deny

there's a Smoke,
but sadly there's no Fire

try after Try
that gone as a Dye

looking for my Pie
asking why oh Why!

our story wasn't True
neither was a Lie!

I've done all I Can,
but wasn't enough to pass me By

no sorrow no Blame
no hero in her Eye

all time I Lay
Her shadow pass me By

She kept me High
& never let me Dry

despite She left me Wry
Her well I'd Buy

I need to breath Again
please take off my Tie

all has to Go
or I'm gonna Die

I don't wanna Cry
I just wanna Fly