Thursday, November 20, 2008

War is Dirt

This is an old video of US war in Iraq, but I keep watching it so many time & each time i remember picture from Vietnam..
Here is the video & the picture.

Iraq War

Vietnam War

Please use your Power for Good;

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sara Maple

Sarah Maple is a British artist and Muslim girl which is why i am writing about her here!

She is having an exhibition nowadays, but she was threaten by some extreme Muslims because they think that the ideas she tries to say by her photography and paintings are against Islam!

Hold ideas such as showing pig with Muslim women or breast with headscarf plus pray action.

Here are some pictures of her exhibition, which run until 16th November.

My Opinion will not judge on her because as like she said:

Just after visited her web exhibition i think is talented artist!

Yes, YOU are guilty to be an artist

That's why we're writing craps about you

Since when we hate animals like you said, we do not eat pig,
that is all!

This is realistic


Were you praying!

Ups! oh yes you're a girl

No wonder they threatened you


Someone i know won't vote!!!


Ugh, announce it royalty

You wanna have it!

Thanks God you do not

So what!


Whole world is