Thursday, November 20, 2008

War is Dirt

This is an old video of US war in Iraq, but I keep watching it so many time & each time i remember picture from Vietnam..
Here is the video & the picture.

Iraq War

Vietnam War

Please use your Power for Good;


Anonymous said...


How can human being do this to themselves???

Why human being are so bad to each other?

I agree with you, instead of arms, instead of kill, give flowers, give love, give friendship, try to understand each others.

In my opinion, on eye's God...we are all equal.

I mean, all of us, can be good, can be loved by God, if we want

Change arms, change hate, change fights...

Anonymous said...

...I forgot to say....

If the soldier used the flower, for sure, the man's face will not look so scared.


Thabet said...

Unfortunately this won't finish!
Just another witness opinion.