Friday, November 17, 2006


This a Wonderful view for a Mosque,

it is very nice

and wonderful ,you can see the sun shine, shining Like a Magic light ...

the view is wonderful..imagine yourself inside over there !

the second Picture is for

Prophet Mohammed Mosque in Madina

it is wonderful and Spiral Mosque

and here

you see the place where Imam
stand up and Speak to People
See how beautiful it is !


Anonymous said...

I am without words!!!
These places are ... WONDERFUL!!!
I never thought something could be so nice....

The second one looks like so rich however the first one is like giving peace...the Sun shining through windows give me a feeling of peace, peaceful, tranquility...and its "blue color" words!!!

and both are so magnificent....


Thabet said...

Yes :)
You are totally right ..
the place is so peaceceful and ...that light is without anywords..
and you are reason the scond are so rich because it is the on of the most impotant places..
but again the first one is Wonderfula dn .....well that5 is why i put it first is from another world at least for me.