Sunday, December 03, 2006


Do you remember when I was wondering long time ago about two trees!
They were far away from each other and I was asking could they be together one day!
Well there is no certain answer for that question, but always there is possibility for that.
Now I can say yes, there is a possible for them to be together, even with all difficulties and obstacles.
Even against the nature's laws.
Well I never believe in them because you will be surprise of how these laws are being inconsiderable in front of our volition and our feeling.
Well here, you can see the picture is not green and shining like before but I think that is normal, you cannot get everything easy right.
Life is always hard and this picture tells us how we must give for reach our goals, the proof for things is by their ends, right?
The intent will be in the end when the land will be green and shining and give life again.
Dependence of that I have no doubt that trees can be closer even with all.

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