Saturday, April 22, 2006


Hello !!
Welcome to my own space...
It is just space for me to write about things influence my life, in fact it can happen to me any time any where...just normal live..
well first i should write something about my self...well like profile.

  • From Aden/ South Yemen
  • Student
  • Male


BoNda said...

hey, i just wanted to thank u 4 commenting on my space...
wanna tell u something it could me (nakd bana2) take care of the spelling mistakes u have 2 review anything b4 posting it to avoid any mistyping ok
its a nice space reflecting ur character of course i will go through it all later and will leave u my comments Insha2ALLAH as i dont have much time now since um still having exmaz

Thabet said...

thanks for all you said me
you are reason,i am having mistakes :P
but i wish all will be better
Thnaks for coming by again