Friday, August 25, 2006


Why Our Life Should Be Hard Like This?
Why We Can Not Be What We Want?
Why We Can Not Be Happy?
Why We Can Not Get What We Want?
Life Needs To Fight To Have
What You Want,Right?
But What About Something
We Can Not Even Touch It ,But We Need It So Much...?!!
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Anonymous said...

A Esperança
é uma criança
com asas
Voa e avança
toma forma e côr
como uma flôr

É Primavera
que surge, que cresce
que aquece a Vida
tornado-a florida.

Deixa-me oferecer-te
o bem-me-quer
da Esperança

your P


is like a child
with wings
can fly and advance
it takes a a form and colour
like a flower
It's like a Spring
that appears, that grows
that warms up Life
and life florish

Let me give you
a "bem-me-quer" (is like a daisy)
of Hope


Your in english