Sunday, May 20, 2007

Teu Amor..

The feeling i have are much more than can be describe, it is feeling that i never imagine that i can feel so much like this,..
as i can not describe it,

i want to give YOU this Bouquet, so fresh smell...
((i am still smelling...the most redolent i have ever smelled,,

...i Love it so much much,the ancients Arabs were right indeed..))

Teu Amor ..Para Sempre,,,


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful bouqet...I love yeloow, I love orange and favourtite colours, indeed...

Yes, it smells so good....I like these much I love them as well.

I will put them on my bedroom, on a wonderful flowerpot, I will water them all days, I will take care of them so much.

Thank you my love

What arabic anciens used to say, can you tell me, please?

Thabet said...

Do you really want to know what they said? :P
is better to figure it out by yourself :)))

Anonymous said...

come on.....tell me, please ;)

Thabet said...

oh mmy GOD,hahaha
can i tell you next time
we meet :))?
that would be much better :P

Teu Amor..
big saudade