Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Out Of

I am out of time,

I am out of this world,

I am out of this life,

I am out of anything..

Who I am?

Where I am?


Anonymous said...

YOU are a wonderful boy

YOU are a great person

YOU are my friend

YOU are in "my heart"

YOU are in our land

YOU are special

do you want that I continue saying what you are and where you are?!

Thabet said...

Really this day was ...was CRAZY DAY !!!

Anonymous said...

Really crazy indeed...what a day...and day in all that meaning, I mean...all 24 you agree?

since a thunderstorm until a good weather....360ºC of change...

but in the end, was good right?

Thabet said...

it was ...
well SO CRAZY but WONDERFUL Craziness...SO MUCH