Thursday, May 10, 2007


Samuel Alexander
Who knows him?
Do you see that picture?
Well that is Samuel "fetal" hand!
Let us back to story…
Samuel Armas has spina bifida, which left part of his spinal cord exposed after the backbone failed to develop.
The operation was design to close the gap and protect his cord, so they decided to make the operation for him while he is still I his mother womb…
It was the only way for they safe his life so Dr. Joseph Bruner –which his finger in the picture-did the surgery, and while he was doing his operation this tiny hand gripped doctor finger like he is telling him "thanks for safe my life"…
The baby is literally hanging on for life. For this is one of the most remarkable photographs taken in medicine and a record of one of the world's most extraordinary operations.
For your information Samuel was 21 weeks ONLY means less than legally aborted in some countries!!
Maybe they need this lesson for they knows that they are just KILLER whatever was the reason they are saying and the excuses they are telling.
And this is Samuel after birth…"Development for the Humanity"

صامويل الكسندر
من الذي يعرفه؟
دعوني أعرفكم به, تلك اليد "الجنينية" الصغيرة هي لصامويل!
قصته هي...
اكتشف إصابته بالحبل ألشوكي في فترة حمل امة وما من أمل لان النخاع ألشوكي سيخرج نظرا لعيب خلقي في عظام الفقرات ومن ثم فان الدماغ سيتحطم معه
العملية هي لغلق الفجوة في ظهره ومن ثم كانت اتخذ قرار العملية لإنقاذه وهو في رحم امة..
وخلال العملية احتضنت يد صامويل أصبع الدكتور جوزيف خلال العملية وكلنه يعبر له عن شكره لإنقاذ حياته..
هذه الصورة كان الأكثر روعة وتأثيرا أخذت قط في تاريخ الطب الموثق في هذه العملية الفريدة.
وللعلم فقط فقد كان عمرة 21 أسبوع فقط!
وهو ما يعتبر اقل من العمر القانوني في بعض البلدان للإجهاض!!
مهما كانت حججهم الواهية ومهما قالوا فهذا لا يغير من حقيقة أنهم مجرد قتله لا أكثر ولا اقل!
وهذا هو صامويل بعد الولادة..."وللإنسانية التقدم".


Anonymous said... words....that is why I AM AGAINST ABORTION....I am and I will be always against....

I knew one of this pic but I never had seen baby after born...

Good doctors can do good works with "hand of God" and "hand of ANGEL"...isn't a baby a small angel???

Why all children can't be happy?

Thabet said...

yu are right ..
everyone had a chnace to live this life..
really so horrible!
and how is doing abortion?
whome they are supposed to protect him more than they care about themselves??