Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ideas For Live

Using light bulbs, which they are energy-saving compact fluorescent ones, getting the same light for 80 percent less power that what normal bulbs need.

WOW is not it WONDERFUL !!


Space heating and cooling eats up 36 percent of all the world's energy. There's virtually no limit to how much of that can be saved, as prototype "zero-energy homes" in Switzerland and Germany have shown. From polyurethane "outsulation" that's sprayed on the outside of buildings to airtight, "superglazed" windows, there's been a surge in innovative ways of keeping heat in and cold out (or vice versa). State-of-the-art insulation follows the law of increasing returns: if you add enough, you can scale down or even eliminate heating and air-conditioning equipment, lowering costs even before you start saving on utility bills.

Just think that by using that technology you will mines your bill 30% because you will need less electricity for heating and cooling!


A quarter of the world's energy—including two thirds of the annual production of oil—is used for transportation.
Some savings come free of charge: you can boost fuel efficiency by 6 percent simply by keeping your car's tires properly inflated.
Gasoline-electric hybrids like the Toyota Prius or Lexus RX400h improve mileage by a further 20 percent over conventional models. Hybrid technology, however, still costs a premium of as much as $6,000 per car, until those prices come down; the better deal is a diesel, which gets up to 40 percent better mileage versus gasoline-powered cars.
If by 2025 diesels represent one third of America's personal-vehicle fleet (about what the European figure is today), the U.S. would save 1.5 million barrels of oil a day.

Great is not it?
Maybe it looks expensive now but we will pay more in future if we do not on it today.
Moreover, in all cases we see that we pay the extra money on the energy anyway and even more for sure.

Just knowing that by these -easy, simple and MORE benefit for our Pockets- ideas and Other Ideas about conserving energy WILL DO GREAT EFFECT:

*By guidance of using energy we can Decrease C in the air 75%
*By using that kind of cars, in 2030 we will need 52 Millions barrels instead of 118 Millions if we continue with same behavior.

We must just forget the old idea that conserving energy is a form of abstinence.

Source: Newsweek Magazine


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For this reason I use my bike!!!
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