Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cuppy Cake

This song i present it to someone knows me so much, so much..

You're my hunny bun, sugar plum, pumpy upmy upmy upmkin.
You're my sweetie pie.

You're my cuppy cake,gumdrop,shyummkums pure,
The apple of my eye!

And I love you so, and I want you to know that i'll always be right here.

And I love to sing this song to you
Because you are so dear!


Anonymous said...

This music is so nice...and kind....and sweet...do you know?? How lucky is that person to whom you dedicate the song....

PR/TS/best friends

Anonymous said...

I was missing so much this song today....I was really needing to listen it, so I decided to come here again for listen it...is so nice this song...thanks for this song

Thabet said...

:)...i have no words for express you my feeling ...
Amo-te meu Amor...muitoo muitoo
Teu Amor