Monday, April 25, 2011


I wouldn't have a better chance than this time to read!
About 10 weeks ago our study in college stopped as the Yemeni revolution take place since then.
In the beginning we were to anxious to participate in this movement and still, but the energy is much less and people seems to be bored of all this endless situation, including me!

Anyway i decided to read whatever my hand reach, point is to READ as long study remain far away to come back soon. 

Magazines, comics, novels, college books, newspapers...etc, surprisingly i feel no wish, i put all in front of me for not force myself to read something i might feel bored of, but nothing changed, still not wishing anything!

لو كان "الضجر" رجلاً لقتلته

Something is so wrong, even news in websites!!
It was routine duty to visit about 5-8 websites and dig inside all new articles from all kind....i did not visit anyone since days!!
For the first time in my life i buy a newspaper and keep it for one or two days before i even read the headlines!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG??

Why this much bored of reading.. seriously i am worried this will continue for pretty long time :(


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