Friday, July 23, 2010

My Wishlist

I've always wanted to post my wishlist, although I think is wasting of time to tell others your wishlist!! Nowadays I have extra time so I'm posting it :P

I started writing my list about three years ago in mobile's notes, back then it meant to write (to do list) than wishlist, by time i found myself adding things I know I can't do, in other word writing wishes!
So to overcome this dilemma :) I decided to rename it wishlist. My wishlist is not greedy, maybe in my unconsciousness I want my list to be realistic in order to become real one day, not because I don't wish bigger stuff.

My wishlist is simple and very personal, the good thing about such lists is that by time you get what you want by somehow (Have you read The Secret??).

Whenever i achieve any stuff I've written it in my wishlist I add @ next to it instead of delete, it feels good to see as many @s as possible :)) no doubt ;)

So here is my complete wishlist since I started writing it about three years ago, even some sound strange, please remember is just ...list!

1- Study L-desk @
2- Curtains for my room from my choice @
3- Closet clothes rod.
4- ID card (!!!) @
5- Swimming Shoes
7- Wastebasket (!!) @
8- Additional Pc internal hard-disk @
9- New DVD driver R/W @
10- New Pc Headphone @
11- Swiss Knife
12- Nikon D90
13- PDRY (South Yemen) flag XL size
14- Big Sofa
15- Sphygmomanometer a-automatic b-mercury @
16- Surgery instruments package @
17- Wall bookcase @
18- New Pc power supply @
19- New Pc processor Intel core 2 quad
20- New Pc motherboard
21- LCD screen 27 inches
22- Gray's anatomy for students, 2nd editon @
23- Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 17th Edition 
24- Volkswagen car
25- Diving suit
26- Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking @
27- TOEFL certificate
28- iPad for sure :D

Finally, this list is subject to update of course. Year later I'll update it with @s, wish me as much as @s as possible :P 

I wish you all to achieve your wishlists :) , if you don't have one please write's the Secret principle!


Anonymous said...

Wouldn´t you like to know me personally?

Thabet said...


TaZmaNiA said...

This is one of longest wish lists I have ever seen :p

Thabet said...

if 50% become true...won't you wish you listed more? :P

Anonymous said...

nice to know that , you have to go ahead achieving your wishlist

Thabet said...

Thank you,
although, know who are you would be nicer :P