Thursday, July 08, 2010

My Blog

By using new blogger's template designer for my blog and keep only 3 post instead of five in homepage, I'm trying to decide its fate!

Lately I've been thinking seriously in closing my blog and facebook account permanently forever. Such idea makes me feel relieve and right step to back to reality!

Despite my desire I think my blog means more than this to me and to my life even sounds like magnified picture.
Truth is that each post means something and bring memories, which i don't want to lose permanently..

Honestly i do not know what to do, maybe taking the blog into another goal might refresh my wish to write. My blog was personal in first place and post whatever I like without expecting any visitors or follower on long term, but last months i found that visitors were doubled 3 times and continue like that for over 8 months so far!

This unexpected regular visitors makes me linger my final decision about my blog.

I'm not posting ideas of my own about anything actually more than just "comment", writing my pinions will require time and effort I definitely do not have!
So I might continue "commenting" rather than writing but in higher rate. Will be about stuff I "liked" and advice you to check it out too from my personal aspect. English will continue being my official language despite the minimum posts in English lately and probably in future too :(

From my liberal orientation for social and political issues -which are my fields of interest- and from my strong believe in human rights despite sex or believes in additional to lighting techs my posts will be :)

Hope this new simple design hold enough until day I make final decision either delete or keep it for life.

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