Thursday, July 02, 2009

South Arabia Times

Great new addition for southern media, South Arabia Times is an English southern website broadcasts news about South Yemen.

SAT ,which opened days ago, motto is "The Voice of Freedom" brings latest news articles about Peaceful Southern Movement.

Best thing is the English content which we need as much as possible to make Southern issue find its position in news agenda around the world, due to press restrictions in Yemen especially in south without mention closing many newspapers in Yemen because they published articles talk about peaceful southern movement, plus websites blockage.

Good luck for SAT admins... good for us.

Website address is:


ٍSharaf said...

But what about north Arabia, is there a web for north Arabia coming from Britain? what about east Arabia west Arabia? and also what about the center I forgot the center of Arabia. we are in a great need of such sights.

ٍSharaf said...

great news

ٍSharaf said...

رسالة الى صاحب هذه المونه. لماذا لا ترفع الحضر لماذا تحد من حرياتنا في التعليق على على مقالاتك وانت من تنادي بالحرية وحرية الرأي وتقرير المصير وحرية الصحافة والى ما هنالك هل تحتاج تعليقاتنا الى موافقتك تتهم الحكومة بإغلاق بعض الصحف في اليمن ومصادرة حريات بعض الصحف وتصادر انت حريات كل قراء مدونتك (ستفشل في مشروعك ما لم تمارس ما تبشر به)

Thabet said...

I was in vacation that is all Sahraf, i totally agree with you..FREEDOM is always first, with me or against me, all opinions are respected.

About article i think you know why "south", why no north or center!

It doesn't indicate for directions at all, but to political state, South Yemen and North Yemen.

ٍSharaf said...

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this is what i am talking about

Thabet said...

Always, thanks Sharaf.