Monday, June 09, 2008

Amazing Relation!

We is the amazing relation between:
Extreme Muslims & Extreme Secular??

Specially when they are Living together!
well, obviously they are presenting the water and white ,one must finish the other, right?
The strnage is that both of them have common thing for be busy all time, this is magic relation between them!

Simply it is the "Scarf" or "Veil".

In countries Yemen or any muslim country, extremes or whom monopolizing the understanding of Islam all is running inside their boxes is WOMEN, all about WOMEN and even what WOMEN think!
Scarf is their holy job on earth, just like prophet Mohammed came to give women this piece of cloth and finish his job!

On the other side with Extreme secular like what is going on in Turkey, WOMEN also is their main goal and what funny is: SCARF is thei holy goal also!
Of course First group want to see every WOMEN wear it while second group wish every WOMEN burn the poor scarf!

Extrame muslims think that women without scarf is the end of the world and easy for them for have one the worst kingdoms in the world in Saudi which is the holy land for them and for us too!

Smile, Please!

Extreme secular in turkey forgetting that the real secularism countries are based on the human freedom and not on what worn by people.

Smile, Please!
I guess both of them do not know that human wants to travel to Mars, but he is not thinking if WOMEN will wear or wear not the Scarf!


Anonymous said...

I can tell you about ME about MY friends....

I can swear to you that for BOTH situations could be so strange and bad for us.

In the first picture, wearing dark clothes, hiding face, hiding eyes, not feeling the wind, not seeing good the sky, the people, the light, one word..ALL....could be so difficult for me...


In the second hand.... sure, neither me neither my friends...or maybe expect one of them...noone of us will take a picture like that.

you can ask why....well...just because...and just because we dont like to "show" ..understand?

Of course, when we are on beach, we use that kind of not any secret....but....taking this kind of picture, we will not accept

Maybe, between friends, we could do, but....using it on net????...usin it like a public picture??? sure..No!! No!!..No!! usually you go the beach and see girls using bikini....white...colored....with several different sizes, several different kind....well....thousands of differents bikinis

Is it good????...Is it bad???

In my opinion, nothing is completely good and neither is completely bad

The problem is "THE WAY" that people use them and "THE WAY" people see them

I am seeing several people using bikini but using it like so normal, not schoking noone....can you understand? you can be beside that girl and nothing is passing, she is in her way and you in your way...and there are other kind of girl, who likes "To Show" understand? likes to schok, to get attenction and that is my worst way to see them.

See good in the first picture:
Who is whom??????
Can those girls one day say: I am this one??....Look baby, this is your beautiful, isnt she??? my thoughts all must have BALANCE in life....neither the first one is completely good or bad....neither the second one is completely good or bad

and in my opinion.....Human being is the reason for bad and good thoughts

Do you agree?????

Thabet said...

i think the picture i showed do not necessry give the meaning about smile or that ..the idea is the clothes themselve without caring for way or how .
in end idea is that either women in first or second both must not be under law, why in saudi not allowing second and in Turkey not alowing first!
so ...for me both pictures d not presen my thinking about women!

Anonymous said...


.....I understood what you wished to say

.... I understood what you wanted to say

.....and as you saw and read...I dont agree with both too...not my way to be

..... and I hope all people respect my thoughts, and my much as I respect the others

.....and something I think is that freedom is something with limits...however...who are free to give the orders of until when freedom is possible???

Saudi goverment???'

Turkey goverment???

USA goverment???

British goverment???

Chinese goverment???

NO!!!! my way to think...we all are responsable for our freedom and from other's freedom..and we should use and wear what we like UNDERSTANDING until when I am NOT respecting the others....!!!!

...Can you understand my idea??? an utopic idea, an idea too hard to improve...however....we must understan that:

- freedom is something very hard


- forbidden is something easy for who are giving the orders, but something very hard to obey

I dont like people or goverment forbidde me!!!!...even I understand that MUST exist limits....

In the end....I will have problems is ONLY use the clothes on first picture and for me so strange ... maybe because my culture is so different...however..if those women like to use them WITHOUT pression, for me is OK and I am glad because they use it like LIKING...and WANTING....and NOT being an obligation

On the second picture..for me is a more normal many girls I see like them...but I dont like also...and for me, I will not take it

by the way...white bikinis are beautiful, special when we are "brown" because being at sun on beach :P