Sunday, March 02, 2008

Iran vs. US & Iraq between

It is worthy to stop a little bit upon president of Iran"Ahmadi Najad" to Iraq today!

Well, this vissit is remarkable in our present history.

By superficial view,Iran and Iraq got into war for 8 year, and over million and half killed from both countries, this war was one of the worst and lonest in past centry.

In addition Iran and USA relations since Islamic revolution and crisis due to embassy issue and of course Iran concidering USA as the big devil and by contrary Iran is one of the 3 evel axis, POOR "devil" it is lost between both of them!

it is quite clear picture, but nowadays and US declar was on one of the axis and victim was Iraq, but now ..who is really controling Iraq!

Who was believing that any Iranian president would visit Baghdad as like one of the conqueror, really this world is not accepting only who has the power!


was it a gift from US for iran!

what Iran wants more?

Sadam is gone, government is belong to iranian faith and we do not forget she is one of the most powerful parts in Iraq, and maybe equal to US itself!

yes US did all and lost thousands of solders and hundreds of billions Dollars and lost her honesty in this world, but in superficial view again what is going on!

President Najad coming by official and declared visit, while all American leaders including USA president all their visits were secret!

Also Najad is in Baghdad!!!! YES IN Baghdad and he took car from airort! and we all knows what that means, it is dead road while USA leaders Bush they went to OPEN desert and they spent time in air of Iraq more than they spent on land!

oh...Najad will sleep in Baghdad!! i am certain that bush willl never accept to stay one night between 180 000 american solders in Iraq!


Funny ...just remember one thing, USA is the occupation force in Iraq and NOT Iran!

and although all of that, American solders contributed in Najad safty also!

i must put star for Iran now, they deserve it.

BUT the Golden Rule is that both are presenting the DEVIL also!

poor "Devil"?

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