Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yemen President Died Rumor

What is going on nowadays here in Yemen?
Rumors everywhere, but this time is strong like never!
Rumor says that, Ali Abed-Allah Saleh, the president of Yemen died!
Maybe is just lie and like they are showing in TV and his meetings and so on like all is normal, so this rumor maybe has no sense, and this rumor maybe is not more than Qat Thinking like yemenies say!
But i did not hear about his died from one or two or three or four or even ten! and these people i know and i do not know, also they not from one area...really from many areas from yemen they are saying this, and even people have already come from Saudi and they are saying this!
i have no idea...but there is no smoke without Fire like proverb say.
if we consider he is really why they are not declaring it?
maybe this failure system that belong to Yemen president are not able to hold like losing such big for THEM , so they are trying to see what they will do!
also ..we are all know that Yemen President is ill and has cancer, so ...until when this rumor will be CLEAR, is it true or false!
many people knows that like in Saudi when their kingdom died-last king one or two years ago not sure- they declare his died about one month later!
becuase they should see what they will do in their kingdom family!
Now back to Yemen, and president even all seem clear in media and nothing REALLY shows anything BUT people months TALKING and TALKING and TALKING..
Rumor of Yemen president Died still mystery until now, could be will true or will be early April lie, although we still in February!


Anonymous said...

Is it true????

I didnt listen nothing about that!!!


Thabet said...

Well untill now seems it was just rumor!
for mei do not believe at all ..but who knows!