Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Kindles


I've been waiting Amazon release of its new kindle tab, and today they finally did :))

They put FOUR new kindles ^__^ & I'm so happy, because i was afraid they won't develop new E-ink screen this time! But they DID :)), they are also making the first color LCD screen kindle ever :)) 

I AM SO EXCITED....the prices are UNBELIEABLE!!
I wanted kinlde since maaaany years for reading I'm so Happy to have one as soon as possible ..  I was waiting kindle touch so I'll buy kindle touch for 99% but Kindle fire seems so good for 199$...not sure what to buy yet!



areej haidar said...

Wonderful, and you deserve to have one..

Thabet said...

Thanks Areej

You better have one's good deal indeed!

areej haidar said...

^_^, i do not think so,
i have to save money for something ales ;)