Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MasterChef Australia

I'm a terrible cooker, but I LOVE cooking :)
Cooking is more than home duty, I see it kind of love expression & joyful practice!

Anyway, I just wanna recommend  really interesting cooking-based reality show on Fox series channel, it's MasterChef Australia.
I really like it, in contrast to stressful full of shocking curses  Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef is so lovely, really reflex my idea of cooking indeed.
MasterChef show is so polite, impossible to hear one bad word. Participants are competitive in so lovely noble way...really just opposite to Hell's kitchen. In addition to that, watcher can really learn many recipes from both chefs & players, which is simply neglected in Hell's Kitchen.
Judges from left: Gay, George - my favorite judge - & Matt
Fox series plays season 2 of the show nowadays many times daily, here is their daily program schedule just check your best time!

One last thing to say, even though I've never seen any Australian show before as our channels translated shows are 99% American & British!! but I've to to mention that i found Australian people soooooooo polite indeed! maybe is just the style of MasterChef i do not know...But i can tell that for sure Australian culture is different - luckily in good way - from American one!

Please watch at least one episode to judge, if you love cooking above all for sure :)... Oh Yes, Jonathan is my favorite contestant!

Finally, I visited MasterChef official websites & I see they're running Junior edition of the show :)) I wish Fox series will broadcast it here in Arab world..

*Update: By coincidence after I published this post I found this article - in Arabic - about Australian kitchen :P

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