Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yes we are all know that it is Country south-east of Europe,
Small and beautiful country, ok all of this speech is known.
However, what is relation between?
Portugal and Orange
What you think?
Well maybe Portugal have Delicious oranges but?
Many countries have!
Ok Just sees the Picture it is saying A LOT
Did you figure it out?
Well for me since long time I was asking myself this.
Why Portugal means Orange in Arabic?
البرتقال = Portugal


Anonymous said...


Well, I will search for the reason...but do you know? Is better to be like an orange than like carrot ot rabish or potatoa...or cabbage...I like oranges but I prefer apples...or pears...

WHY orange?!

I think I know the reason but I will search for have sure...

However....must be a wonderful country because I like orange colour, one of my favourites...

by the way...from where do you know this so small country????


Thabet said...

she is so beautiful country for sure I KNOW IT SO MUCH

Daniel Thompson said...

It's a good question. I have heard that it might be because the Portuguese got oranges from China and introduced them to other parts of the world, including Arabic countries.